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About Kay

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, counselor and Psychotherapist. After working with children for 10 years including special needs children, I trained for 3 years to gain my advanced Diploma in counselling and Psychotherapy. I now work part time with special needs children and part time in private practice. My private practice is run from two locations across Caversham and Reading offering flexible appointment times and days, I try to accommodate as many people as I can but as you can imagine sometimes this fails due to myself having two young children of my own. I am an integrative Counselor, which means I trained and now practice a range of different models of therapy. Personally I  think this is the only way to go as each person I see is unique and different in their own ways. A few popular models I use are; CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Psycho-dynamic (Freudian) and TA (transnational analysis). I am fully accredited by The National Counselling Society and you can find my profile on their page here. I am working towards my membership with the BACP. You can also find me on  the counselling directory here.

Therapy is for anyone, it covers people who have lost someone, people who have had a traumatic experience, people who have had a change in their life that they're finding difficult to process. Counselling is a type of talking therapy which as we all know the NHS can't fund as much as is needed in England. And as mental health awareness is increasing more and more people are turning to Counselling and Psychotherapy to help them find themselves again.

I'm sure you have lots of questions to ask, but perhaps my latest blog entry can help you see the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy.